New wellness center part of Rosebud diabetes plan

We have a fear that there’s a lot of undiagnosed diabetes,” Oltmans said. “Their views are very Third World, unfortunately, uninformed views of diabetes.” The Rosebud program is drawing attention from other groups that work with Native Americans, and the company views it as a long-term commitment, Oltmans said. “A lot of companies say, ‘Here’s your mobile unit and wellness center, good luck,'” he said. “We’re going to have to stay engaged. We’re going to measure. Are we having an impact? How many people go to the wellness center?
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Type 1 Diabetes Support Group

We don’t want to elaborate why we’re having to, but it’s better to talk to people who live it,” Magstadt said. Now Magstadt’s certified nurse practitioner is starting a Type 1 diabetes support group in Sioux Falls. “I’ve actually had several patients and others in the community inquire about a specific Type 1 diabetes support group,” Sanford Certified Nurse Practitioner Brandy Smith said. Smith hopes the support group will not only give patients a chance to share information, but also give them a chance to simply talk to each other about the disease. “Some of our most successful patients with Type 1 diabetes are those who take their medications and check their blood sugar are those who have a good support system around them,” Smith said. A support system that will hopefully help people like Magstadt be as healthy and happy as possible. “I choose to eat better and exercise and maybe it’s a good thing it happened to me.
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